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Online Fee Payment-
User name and Password- Adm. no. of the child


Deposit fee in Cash/Cheque in any HDFC Branch.

V.S.P. is designed by a software team comprising of IIT alumni through a company supported by Intel. The system allows anytime access to useful information through a secured login provided by the school for every student and parent. We are using the system in phases to deliver more and more information and provide access to online reading and revision material on this site. It is an easy to use online system where teachers, parents and students can access varied services that include -

- Essential student data.
- Daily attendance.
- Class time-table.
- Syllabus for the session.
- School schedule for tests, proposed events and list of holidays.
- Daily updates of work done in the class.
- Home work assignments.
- Updates on special assemblies, events, activities and celebrations.
- Circulars, Latest Updates and Class Announcements.
- Picture gallery is available for viewing.
- Birthday Special Messages.
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